Inspired by Nature. Built for Adventure! Company origin. About rawpeaks adventure apparel.

Everyday we brave the elements and push ourselves into the unknown to appease our curiousity. Whether it be by scaling sky scrapers, searching through the wilderness, or simply by trying something new, we all seek adventure in our everyday lives. At Raw Peaks we believe that adventure is what makes humans tick; to explore is to be. 

All of our products are designed to be your perfect adventure companion. Whether it's rainforests, beaches, mountains or cityscapes that make you tick you can rely on rawpeaks adventure apparel to withstand the elements and be with you every step of the way. 

The rawpeaks adventure started in Malaysia back in 2014, a tropical land, home to some of the World's most amazing wildlife, scenery and food. Inspired by our surroundings we started out designing and making hardwearing apparel to accompany us on our journey throughout South East Asia. Since then we have moved back to the UK but stayed true to our brand, looking to the world around us to inspire our latest products. 

Protecting our planet is a cause close to our hearts and as such we aim to use as many environmentally sourced and ethically manufactured materials we can. All of this together means clothes you can be proud to wear on your everyday adventures.